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Charting a New Country - Brexit


This is a post on the British EU Referendum. 

Below you will find the chart for the British Referendum on the EU. It is drawn up from the time the ballots closed which was 10pm on the 24th of June 2016. This date and time can therefore be said to represent UK Independence day. This makes the chart far more significant than simply a tool for predicting events or even reflecting on them. It makes it the chart of a new country. Let's have a look at what this means.

Rather than go through the chart methodically I will bring up points of particular relevance first.

Pluto in Capricorn on the Ascendant:
This aspect indicates that the UK will never be seen in quite the same way by the rest of the world. For good or ill, old Saturn (representing the reality matrix we live and the Elite who use the world stage as a chess board) is uniting with the most powerful planet of death rebirth and transformation (Pluto) to overhaul and re-boot the game. On who's side of the board the pieces will now be playing in may become clear over the next couple of years. Certainly, things usually go in favour of the rich and powerful. For those who wish to scare Americans from voting for Trump and secure Hillary's passage into the White House may use the economic turmoil of Britain's exit from the EU as a cautionary tale.

Pluto Sextile Neptune and Square Uranus in the 2nd house:
Pluto, the ancient God Hades, lives underground. His reality is a subterranean one. He Rules Scorpio and the 8th house (creation, destruction, re-birth, deception and other peoples resources.) He also rules compulsion and the Lizard brain.
The sextile to Neptune who rules Pisces and the 12th house (self sabotage, the unconscious, hidden and secluded places, fantasy and delusions) give opportunity (as sextiles do) to agents whose specialty is to hoodwink, confuse and prey on peoples' irrational fears.
How many voters subsequently admitted they were ill informed at the ballot box? The second highest Google search on the day of the result was "What is the EU?" The third? "What does leaving the EU mean?" You couldn't make it up!
Indeed, sober news articles, suddenly bereft of sound-byte and pun began to publish informed articles highlighting the economic and legal consequences of the vote soon after it was announced, to the dismay of many of their readers.
The Square to Uranus (in Aries- planet of war- will and libido)  indicates the patriotism, and emotional rashness that drove the ultimate decision.

These two aspects take place in the 2nd house of values and security
Neptune brought fantasy images of a post war idyll where tea is served on perfectly manicured cricket grounds to the sound of "God Save the Queen." The values of a an England long past, still basking in her colonial glory are what many wish to return to.
Uranus in Aries impulsively acted on the premise of these dreams and visions. However, whether these dreams and visions will manifest into something more tangible as a result of the exit vote is uncertain.
Incidentally Chiron is right there in the second house too. Will England ever be able to maintain  a cohesive set of values?  Are the diverse visions for this little Island going to divide us and become a Chironic wound that never heals? Or can we re-imagine it's destiny a little humbler, wiser, gentler more inclusive and tolerant of diversity than ever before? These are the questions this placement presents and ones that we must begin to find answers to.

Mars conjuncting the MC: 
 The MC is how we express the vision of our roots which is governed by the IC, into the world. In a personal chart it often indicates a person's career or purpose.
Here we have the planet of war, conflict, ego, impulsiveness, libido and will in the sign of Scorpio (which as mentioned before is ruled by Pluto) This is a very intense and in some ways confrontational aspect. It will mean that our destiny as a sovereign state will come through much upheaval, transformation, conflict, and ultimately might rather than right. Taurus is on the IC which indicates that people will feel a stronger pull than ever toward security, the comforts of home, peace, beauty and the earth. Fears over the scarcity of these things could fuel outward shows of anger and dis-chord. These placements could be interpreted more positively if they were positively aspected. Under those conditions. Mars and Scorpio could indicate strength and healthy transformation, unfortunately the only aspects to Mars are negative. One of which is the square to the moon (mother, instincts, emotions, home) in the 1st house (ego, self, identity)
The moon is in Aquarius which is usually a humanitarian sign that likes to be tolerant and inclusive of diversity while always striving for transcendent unity, however I have noticed that Aquarius often acts differently in a moon sign, not negatively, just differently. Aquarius, we must remember is also ruled by Uranus which is a natural innovator and initiator of change, often through experimentation.
The moon in Aquarius can make someone a bit of a loner. They generally prize their individuality and won't compromise their unique perspective for anyone. Here the moon is activated by the 1st house of identity - being unique, standing alone defiantly is the instinctive response here. The moon squares mars which means this emotional response is reactive and aggressive. It feels that it's individuality, identity and autonomy is under threat and thus it must transform ( Scorpio on the IC and Pluto on the Ascendant) in order to reclaim it's purpose, represented by (the IC).

Sun and Venus conjunct in 6th house:
The sun and Venus shine brightly together in cancer in the 6th house. They positively aspect both the moon and Neptune. Perhaps, we can realize a secure, mutually harmonious (Venus) future, but only if we are prepared to but our political wrangling aside and work together on the details. The 6th house is all about the details. It is connected to Mercury and Virgo so all the i's must be dotted and the t's crossed if we are to work our way through the legal tangle to a brighter, more stable future. the 6th house governs work, health and daily routines. It is the ideal we strive for. It is also how the support systems we create for others end up serving us as well.
This aspect is in opposition to that tight conjunction between the Ascendant and Pluto however which means that constant reorganization, underhand dealings and manipulation could usurp their higher purpose.

Jupiter in the eighth house conjunct North Node in Virgo: 
Whenever we magnify the traits of the sign or house Jupiter resides in we gain keys to His abundant fortune. This position strengthens the Plutonic elements of the chart, indicating that if handled correctly transformation may ultimately benefit the country as a whole. Being in Virgo higher ideals, hard work, strategy and minding the details is key to success. We must strive to disentangle ourselves from patriotically driven fantasies of past glory, symbolized by our south node and force ourselves to stand under the cold shower of reality in order to do this. We will have to downsize and our days of cultural and political colonialism are grinding to a halt. We will be far less active or influential on the world stage now as Jupiter squares Saturn in an intercepted Sagittarian ruled 11th house.

The most poignant image in the chart however, for me, is the Lion (Leo) who now stands alone in a wide and empty 7th house (the house of relationships). Transits and progressions will fill this house in time thought and who knows there may be another revolution (hopefully peaceful and unative this time) which might give us another chance to re-write our destiny both on the Terra-firma and in the Celestial Firmament. "As above, so below."

Pax Bonum to all, regardless of their political persuasion. I believe,  more than ever, that if we are to pass a peaceful and compassionate world onto our children and grandchildren we must begin meeting one another as human beings rather than conflicting ideologies.

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