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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Transiting Jupiter Square Natal Venus

 "My dear brother , it is a really good thing to trust in god , but is also a good thing to tie your camel!”
Sufi Saying

Jupiter magnifies anything and everything it touches. It is about expansion, growth, vision, spiritual development, travel, expectation, adventure and new horizons. 

Venus is traditionally connected to themes involving relationships, love affairs, lust, charm, opportunity and money.

When working harmoniously these planets can bestow great benevolence, fortune, grace and warmth. However, when squared Jupiter can magnify some of Venus's lower vibrations.

During this time we may be seduced more easily by sparkly things. We can find ourselves taking the path of least resistance and letting go of some of our best laid plans. We may feel a little lackadaisical, heady and inspired to take on new and exciting challenges although we must ensure we are not promising more than we can deliver.

We will be drawn to connect with people that fascinate and inspire us. However, we should be mindful of becoming distracted by the lust of new encounters and thus ignoring the deeper work of nurturing long term commitments.

At this time we can feel excited and more socially courageous than usual however overindulgence such as impulsive buying, spending, eating or drinking can also be a theme. Benevolence is a positive attribute of this aspect, but we must be sure we are not pouring ourselves empty.

Venus can sometimes draw out some of the lower vibrations of Jupiter during this time. Relationships can feel a little stifling. Perhaps a lack of financial means, or relationship commitments feel restrictive. We want to be swept away on a romantic dream however, during this time it is important to find a balance between our own desires and the needs of those around us if we are to reap real benefit and true growth. Accept that giving can sometimes bring the greatest fulfillment of all and take time to indulge someone dear to you.

This being said you should equally make sure you give yourself the time you need to nurture your own personal growth whether that be spiritually, emotionally, work related or in terms of simply experiencing life to it's fullest to prevent any underlying resentment.

Let yourself be inspired, find beauty and relax when you can but don't forget to maintain the most important relationships and commitments in your life too.